Konstantinos Volanakis
Sunset over the island of Salamis
oil on canvas
57 x 100 cm
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The panoramic view of the harbour of Salamis under the bright full moon is depicted in Volanakis’ recognisable and captivating narrative style.

The perfectly still landscape is disturbed only by the oars of a boat in the centre with two fishermen. One is rowing and the other is fishing with a trident in the calm, transparent waters of the harbour. A stone wharf with a wooden extension is depicted on the right. Small and large boats and a sailboat are in the anchorage beside it, and fishermen are working on the decks. The land stretches out further behind with scattered houses and many trees, ending in a semi-mountainous area. On the left, the painter depicts the land with scattered references to houses and sporadic vegetation, describing it more and more schematically towards the back.

The ambiance and the harmonious depth of the work create a peaceful sense and convey an intense melancholy. The soft warm tones of sunset and sometimes the bold tones in selected spots are characteristic.


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