Konstantinos Volanakis
Fishing boats along the shore
oil on canvas
48.5 x 75.5 cm
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The alluring seascape stretches across most of the painting. The coastline of the bay is depicted only on the right side, and on the beach, in the foreground, appear three sailors who are untangling nets. Further back, a moored boat is depicted in front of a cluster of buildings, and then there is a sprawling semi-mountainous massif. A fish-pier with moored fishing boats and sailboats is visible at the far end of the bay. On the left side, in the middle of the sea, a sailboat with open sails has sailed away from land.
At the centre of the composition is the main scene; fishing with nets near the shore. From two manned fishing sailboats with their sails down, fishermen are bringing in nets with tied bobbers. The details have been rendered impressively: each boat has three sailors on deck, while a woman is depicted sitting with a child on the bow of one of the boats.

This work is characterised by a perfect harmony of colours, and the entire image is enveloped in the warm colours of the sunrise.


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