Konstantinos Volanakis
Mending the nets
oil on canvas
73 x 56 cm
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In the background of the scene, two sailboats with open sails are sailing close to the shore, while a one-masted vessel can be seen sailing in the absolute dead calm a fair distance away. In the foreground, on the sandy shore, between puddles of water and the sea, two moored fishing boats are depicted with two sailors next to them cleaning and untangling their nets.

The composition is balanced, details have been masterfully rendered and the choices of colour are in perfect harmony, with a few selective bursts. The charming red brushstroke that Volanakis tends to use this time appears on the garments of one of the fishermen. The main theme is obviously the various one and two-masted vessels, the barque, the corvette and the sakoleva, but an emphasis is also put on the human presence. The presence of the two sailors is crucial, located in the centre, their figures reflected in the puddle. The pictorial detail of the different head coverings, sometimes straw hats and other times fezzes, can also be found in other works, such as in “Seascape with boats and a sailing ship” and “Pyrophani - Firefishing”.


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Sotheby’s / London, The Greek Sale, 11/11/2008.

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