The Nautical Collection of P. C. Laskaridis
Sailing boats at sunset
Date: χ.χ.

This seascape by Volanakis has strong influences by landscape painting. Detailed descriptions have given way and colour prevails, conveying a general impression of the imagery in large and rough brushstrokes. The composition and colour palette are reminiscent of the usual style of Volanakis’ landscape paintings.

The sea covers the entire surface of the canvas and disappears in the distant horizon. The only reference to land are the ominous large and small rocks in the middle on the right side. Near the rocks, a steamship is depicted crossing the waters and, on the left, a familiar sailboat with set sails can be seen in the background, disappearing into the open sea.

The colours emanate a sense of calm. The colour gradations of the soft, cool subjects in the transparent sea are occasionally interrupted by the yellow reflections of the blinding light and the dark tones of the shadows. The sky is defined by the bright tones of warm colours, which turn bright orange right where the sunset is, making for an idyllic atmosphere.

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